Domestic Violence Financial assistance program to trial in Cairns. 

March 8, 2023 8:50 am

The Place-based Escaping Violence Payment (PEVP) trial in Cairns has been launched in partnership with local support services, to be delivered by Remote Area Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care (RAATSICC).

RAATSICC provides support and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children who are at risk of, or experiencing, violence and abuse. The organisation has been instrumental in providing culturally appropriate support services to Indigenous communities in the Cairns region (including Cape York and Torres Strait).

The inclusion of RAATSICC in the PEVP trial is a positive step towards ensuring that Indigenous victims of intimate partner violence receive the support they need. The organization will work alongside other local support services to provide culturally appropriate support and ensure that Indigenous victims are provided with assistance to set up a home free from violence.

RAATSICC manager Larissa Walker, welcomed the launch of the PEVP trial and stated that it is crucial to have culturally appropriate support services available for Indigenous victims of violence. She highlighted the importance of community-led solutions to address the issue of domestic and family violence.

The inclusion of RAATSICC in the PEVP trial highlights the Australian Government’s commitment to working in partnership with local organizations to address the issue of domestic and family violence in Indigenous communities.

RAATSICC’s expertise and cultural knowledge will be essential in providing support services to Indigenous victims of violence. The program’s success will depend on the level of support provided by local service providers and the uptake of eligible participants, particularly in Indigenous communities.

The Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) provides up to $5,000 in support (up to $1,500 in cash, with the remaining up to $3,500 in goods or services) to eligible individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence with the aim of reducing the barrier of financial insecurity and establishing a home free from violence.

More information on the Escaping Violence Payment place-based trial can be found on the RAATSICC website.

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