Support Service application for Escaping Violence Payment.

*note this application should be completed using a desktop browser.

To contact the EVP team directly phone 1300 605 092 or email

Before proceeding with this application

Completing this application can take up 30 minutes and should be completed with the client present. For any bill, invoice or purchase order payments we will require a copy of the document to make payment. The processing of support service applications can take up to two weeks. 

  • Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of EVP applicants is important to us. We will only collect information about individuals that is required to deliver the service to you.

By proceeding with this application, you are confirming;

  • That you will continue to work with the client while we process the application and payments
  • That you are aware that any communication pertaining to this application will be directed to you as the referrer
  • The EVP team will not engage directly with the client
  • That you have supported or connected the client to family and domestic violence risk and safety supports and other relevant outgoing referrals
  • That you have submitted this application on behalf of the client with their full knowledge and consent
  • That all information you provide is true and correct
  • That you have provided the client with information about their Privacy, Rights and Responsibilities.