Men of Hope – Online Group

March 16, 2022 8:36 pm

Men of Hope have launched a free national online social group for men to get connected and have a chat in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment.

The group has been running since July 2016 and is eager to add virtual members to the growing list of participants of men aged 18 and above across the country, with a focus on men in regional and remote areas.

Men from all walks of life are invited to get involved in the activities, which range from cooking to video chats and one on one calls.

The participants will meet in small groups with a support coordinator from Black Swan Health where they can connect regularly, participate in group activities and feel supported.

Their weekly activities include:

  • An Interactive Zoom Cooking
  • An Interactive Zoom Coffee on the Couch
  • One on one Zoom or telephone calls

About Black Swan Health

  • Black Swan Health is an independent not-for-profit healthcare provider
  • We deliver a comprehensive range of high quality, person-centred services provided by qualified and experienced health professionals

For more information contact Gerhard Rousseau P 0409 976 426 E| W|

Online groups run every Wednesday Sign up here

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