Meet our friendly Intake Officer Nancy

Nancy is a Kulkalgal, Tudugal & Iamalagal woman, a direct descendant of King Kebisu from Tudu and up on Iama - Yam Island which is located in the central cluster of the Torres Strait. The Kulkalgal nation of people is known as (One blood people). Kulkalgal nation is made up of neighboring Island called Masig (Yorke), Poruma (Coconut) and Warraber (Sue) Islands

Nancy came to RAATSICC as a Family support worker and wanted to challenge herself and experience the new level of skills that the Intake Officer position had to offer. She knew that by being open minded to new changes and being positive in everything she does would be an asset to take into this position. Nancy is committed to understand and growing in her job role and works on being able to speak confidently when presenting outcomes.

Family to Nancy means “Everything- without family I would not have been the person Iam today. I love my family very much”. It is also important to Nancy to have a strong cultural understanding and for family to live in a better home environment that will protect their children and learn about child neglect and the health wellbeing of our families.

She sends this message to our families in Cape York/Gulf and the Torres Straits, “Reach for the Stars you can be whoever you want to be if you put your mind to achieving it”. and to they children and young people, “Always experience new challenges and gain new skills”.

Nancy’s strength comes from her long line of strong tribal women who throughout history have faced many challenges from pre- and post-colonization. These women have contributed a lot to her upbringing and nurtured her to be who she is today. The support from her family and extended families encourages her to dream big and push forward with the expectation that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and to always leave yourself open to new, exciting and challenging experience that will not only define you but make you a better person. Always “pay it forward” be kind and respectful to others.