White Ribbon Workshop - Lockhart River

Following the success of 2018 community education workshops RAATSICC in partnership with White Ribbon Australia have organized another six workshops throughout Cape York.

The workshops will be a refresher on previous information with a focus on ‘Standing up against violence’ and ‘Active Bystander behaviour’.

We encouraged all community members (especially men) to take part in the workshops and receive some valuable information and resources. Community workshops will be:

Wujal Wujal, 8th May 2019 - Completed

Lockhart River, 22nd May 2019

Aurukun, 4th June 2019

Napranum, 5th June 2019

Mapoon, 6th June 2019

Kowanyama, 12th June 2019

The aim is to engage with community members to encourage behaviour change to stop men’s violence against women and empower them to take leadership role to stop this violence.

For more information please contact Matthew King at RAATSICC on 4030 0900.