Our Client Service Charter

 RAATSICC strives to ensure that our clients receive a tailored cultural response that is timely, efficient, friendly, and consistent.

Our client service charter is about everyone being clear about how people should treat one another and who we can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our Service Commitments

For our clients and community we are committed to: 

1 Treating you with respect, courtesy and build a complete understand of your circumstances and expectations. 

2 Making our service efficient, accessible and culturally relevant to your needs.

3 Being transparent in our processes and practices.


4 Respecting your privacy, confidentiality, rights and heritage.

5 Working together to understand how to improve our services.


What you can expect from us

Respect – we respect all people, including their rights and their heritage.

Information – we provide options and choices for informed decision making.

Relevancy – we recognise the resilience and cultural realities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

Protecting your rights – Keeping your personal information private, in line with legislative requirements.

You also have the Right to contact the following agencies if you have otherconcerns to the safety of children, families and people with a disability:

Child Safety Regional Intake Service                1300 684 062
NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission         1800 035 544

What you can do

Know your options – You can get in contact with us in many ways including phone, email, in person, in writing or sending a message with a relative.

Keep us up to date – Your personal details are important, let us know when you leaving home for long periods or if you are moving orchanged your phone number.

Talk to us – We need your feedback to ensure we continually improve our level of service. 

Tell us what you need – Give us as much information to your situation or reasons for accessing programs and services.  If you need a specific expert, let us know.

Respect – Treat our staff with the courtesy that we strive to show you every day.

Complaints about RAATSICC

If you are not satisfied with our services you can complain:

By phone
In person
In writing by mail
By email

RAATSICC has a Client Complaints and Compliments Policy and the Practice and Performance Manager will handle your complaint accordingly

Reporting of legislative breaches

RAATSICC is required to report reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of a child or a person with a disability connected with the service.


We want to hear from you if we are doing the right or wrong thing for you, your family or community. To provide feedback please contact us by phoning: 1300 663 411 Or email admin@raatsicc.org.au.

Delivering services that are culturally safe and make a genuine difference.

Our Programs

Family Participation Program

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Our Programs

Strong Active Family Engagement Service

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Our Programs

Counselling and Support Service

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What we do and where we do it.

RAATSICC provide a variety of culturally informed services to children, young people, individuals, families and carers by information sharing and providing tools to promote self determination.

As a community controlled Not for Profit organisation RAATSICC is committed to delivering services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to make a genuine difference.

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We work to empower our families and communities.