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RAATSICC is committed to the development and maintenance of a workplace culture that delivers culturally relevant and professional programs to clients with integrity. 

We support opportunities for workforce professional development, team building and flexible working arrangements for all staff. 

Staff are offered flexible working arrangements, supervision, sector specific training and upskilling, debriefing and reflective practiced activities to build and maintain their confidence and competence in their roles.

We maintain our commitment to ensuring a workplace of equality that is safe, professional and enjoyable.


If you are interested in working at RAATSICC, send your resume, qualifications and cover letter to


RAATSICC supports individuals volunteering at the organisation, providing opportunities to share knowledge and experience and learn new skills, while giving back to the organisation and community.

If you are interested in volunteering at RAATSICC, you can apply by completing volunteer application form.

Volunteer application form can be provided by contacting


We value and welcome partner organisations, businesses and philanthropists who align with our organisational vision and goals to collaboratively build services that make a genuine difference in the lives of children, young people, families and communities.

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Delivering services that are culturally safe and make a genuine difference.

Our Programs

Family Participation Program

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Our Programs

Strong Active Family Engagement Service

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Our Programs

Counselling and Support Service

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What we do and where we do it.

RAATSICC provide a variety of culturally informed services to children, young people, individuals, families and carers by information sharing and providing tools to promote self determination.

As a community controlled Not for Profit organisation RAATSICC is committed to delivering services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to make a genuine difference.

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We work to empower our families and communities.